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Just two years ago, Craig Burge was living at his parents’ home in Melksham when he decided to relocate to Crawley.

Now the 24-year-old is looking forward to moving into his first home after saving a total of £40,000 during his short stint in the West Sussex town.

“It was the opportunity of becoming a team leader and the thought of earning more money that sealed the deal for me,” admitted Craig, who spent two years working in our Trowbridge branch before relocating.

With a 4-year-old daughter to support Craig headed to Crawley, and upon his arrival discovered the town was faster paced than his country roots.
“Crawley is a great place to live. It’s really close to London which means there’s always so much to do.”

Craig currently shares a house with five other Clarkson Evans staff. “The accommodation is great, we have Sky TV and I have a massive double bedroom so I can’t complain at all. Living with the other lads is such a laugh, they have made this experience even better.”

And just like a typical family he admits: “In the evening we all relax together, watch football and play on the PlayStation or sometimes go out for meals.”
But Craig insists the chores are shared equally. “The general rule is whoever comes home first will cook dinner so we all take turns cooking each night,” said Craig.

But living with other Clarkson Evans staff has more than one benefit, as Craig explains: “If one of us has an issue on site we come home and chat about it to overcome the problem. We learn from each other and you don’t get that if you’re living at home.”

“To anyone considering relocating my advice would be, just give it a go. It’s worth it to earn money and progress within the company.”

Craig will shortly be heading back to his partner in Trowbridge as they prepare for the arrival of their second child in their new home. He said: “I wouldn’t have been able to save up as much as I have for my home without going to Crawley.”