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When the opportunity of becoming a team leader presented itself, Jon Morgan was willing to move across the country to pursue the role. 

“I had nearly qualified and wanted a fresh start, there wasn’t the opportunity to become a team leader in Gloucester at the time so decided to relocate.”

So in October 2013, Jon relocated 135 miles from his roots in Cheltenham to Crawley where he stayed for two years before moving on to Bracknell.

“I wanted another challenge and was encouraged to give Bracknell a try as there was a lot of work down there.”

Jon now lives in a four-bedroom house down a quiet cul-de-sac in a Bracknell suburb. “I live with three other people in a big detached house that backs onto a golf course - I have to admit the accommodation is top notch!”

The 35-year-old admits his housemates are a sociable bunch. “We all get on really well together, we cook and eat together and often go to the pub or out for a Chinese.”

But Jon explains it’s not all fun and games. “At the end of the day I live rent and bill free and have the chance of earning real money so to do that, I have to work really hard during the week.”

“I have a 14-month-old son and want to provide a good life for him. Living rent free with no household bills has allowed me to save up a five-figure sum which I plan to use for a deposit on a house in Cheltenham.” 

Jon’s advice for anyone considering relocating? “If you’re newly qualified and single with no ties then here’s where the money is.”