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When 24-year-old Matt Harvey qualified two years ago he was keen to take up the option of relocating to Southampton from Trowbridge so that he could leapfrog into a grade 3 team leader position.

Now the keen footballer is reaping the rewards of his efforts and since living in Southampton he has managed to save so much money he has been able to buy his own brand new BMW.

“My mission was to save as much money as possible during my time in Southampton and I’ve achieved that. It’s been great to buy a brand new BMW outright and although I leave it at my parents’ home in Bath in the week, I love driving it at weekends. I’m definitely the envy of lots of my mates back home!”

“Now I’ve set myself the goal of saving a deposit for a place of my own. For me relocating is a no-brainer, especially if you’re young with no ties and looking to give yourself a financial boost.  

“I think I’m really lucky – living rent-free, in a great city, with opportunities to earn good money. What’s there not to like?”