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Sean Farmer
Apprentice Electrician

"When I qualify I want to become a team leader myself and use the management skills that I’ve acquired in the travel industry to help the next generation of apprentices."

Former holiday rep Sean Farmer says he’s landed his dream job now he’s begun an electrical apprenticeship with Clarkson Evans. The 29-year-old had a number of jobs, from sales to painting and decorating, before switching to the electrical industry last year.

Sean completed his Level 3 in electrical installation at Central Sussex College and was working as an electrician’s mate before a friend recommended he apply for an apprenticeship at Clarkson Evans.

“I’ve tried my hand at a number of roles and picked up a lot of transferrable skills along the way. Until I became an apprentice electrician I never felt like I’d found a career that I could see myself doing for the long term,” said Sean, a former student at Thomas Bennett Community College in Crawley.

“I don’t regret the jobs I’ve done in the past. In fact I think they’ve helped to make me a better electrician. I’ve fine-tuned my communication skills, which helps when liaising with other trades on site, and I understand the importance of teamwork.


“Having spent part of my early career working in Crete I now love working out of the company's Cardiff branch. It’s great to be “on the tools” with such a large electrical contractor – everything is there for you and the structures are in place to help you succeed.

“I’ve got a very supportive team leader who remembers what it was like to be an apprentice himself and I only have to raise my hand if I need help and he’s there by my side. He is always giving me feedback on how I can improve, in a constructive way, and I feel much more confident in my electrical skills.

“When I first joined the company I couldn’t believe the speed at which everybody worked but after a few months on site I’m not far behind.

“When I qualify I want to become a team leader myself and use the management skills that I’ve acquired from previous roles to help the next generation of apprentices,” said Sean.