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Dean Mays 



“I can’t imagine going out on my own again – it’s so much easier to be employed.”

Oxford Site Supervisor Dean Mays worked as a self-employed electrician before going ‘on the books’ at Clarkson Evans.

Dean hopped from job-to-job for 7 years working in and around Oxfordshire and London. So what made him pack up his toolbox and join Clarkson Evans?

“Job security was the main reason I decided to go on the books” said Dean. “Holiday and sick pay, a fully equipped van and guaranteed work means I have less worry and hassle outside of work hours” said the 31-year-old.

Dean says that although it may appear that the grass is greener working for yourself, in reality it’s a hassle and the financial rewards do not make it worthwhile.

“When you work at Clarkson Evans it’s easy to take for granted that there will be work to get your teeth stuck into throughout the year. When I worked for myself, going out and finding new work was really time-consuming.


"There’s a wages safety net to guarantee minimum earnings at quieter times too – there’s no such thing when you’re self-employed. Not only that but running my own van cost me a fortune and I was always forking out for fuel, repairs, new tyres, servicing and insurance – it’s so much easier now Clarkson Evans provide me with a van as part of my job" said Dean.

“I hated the lack of job security and I always left my tax return to the last minute. It’s reassuring to know that now I’m on the books I get paid time off work for holidays and can earn as much as I want to earn depending on how hard I want to work.

“It’s also much easier to get a mortgage when you’re directly employed – after a reference from Clarkson Evans my remortgage has just gone through in no time at all.

“I can’t image going out on my own again – it’s so much easier to be employed.”