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Dominique Paton

Women can do any job as well as men – I’d recommend becoming an electrician to anyone!

Growing up Dominique Paton wasn’t interested in stereotypical ‘girly’ things. Instead she found herself fascinated with electrical wiring.

“My Grampy was an electrician so I think my love for the trade stemmed from him. He would often take me into his workshop and teach me how to wire different objects - sharing tips and tricks along the way!”  Said Dominique.

After leaving school at the age of 16, Dominique started a two-year engineering course.
“While the mechanical side of the course didn’t interest me, the electrical side captured my imagination - I knew then I wanted to pursue a career in the electrical industry."

While she looked for an electrical apprenticeship, Dominique worked as a NHS 111 call handler.

It was during this time she picked up vital skills in communication and relationship building that would prove useful in her career “on the tools”.


Dominique finally secured an apprenticeship at Clarkson Evans: “I was made up to start an apprenticeship with such a well-regarded electrical contractor. Being an apprentice is hard work, but being a female apprentice in a male dominated industry made me want to work even harder.”

Her hard work certainly paid off as Dominique has recently qualified and been promoted to Sub-team Leader. “Not only does my new role come with a larger wage packet, it also brings more responsibility. I now have two apprentices who work alongside me - so I think of myself as a mentor.”

When Dominique started her apprenticeship she was one of three female apprentices in the company. Now Clarkson Evans has 15 female apprentice electricians – and that number continues to rise!

So what’s Dominique’s advice for other women considering a career in the construction industry?

“It’s going to be tough, but don’t let anyone tell you that you can’t do something. The perception of women in construction is changing and many other construction workers on site have been really supportive towards me. I think people are opening up to the idea that women can do any job as well as men – I’d recommend becoming an electrician to anyone!”

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