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Claire Dargavel 

Apprentice Electrician

Former sound and lighting technician Claire Dargavel turned her back on a job in the
entertainment industry to retrain as an electrician.

When she was younger the bright lights of theatre drew Claire to complete a Theatre and
Performance Technology Degree at the Liverpool Institute of Performing Arts. Then
followed a successful career working at some of the UK’s leading performance venues,
including The Liverpool Philharmonic Hall.

But as her daughter began to grow up and Claire relocated to Milton Keynes she yearned
for a career which offered her the opportunity to work more during the day and less in the
evenings so that she could spend quality time with her family.

“My previous roles had involved working with theatre lighting rigs and general building
maintenance, so I knew the practical side of becoming an electrician would not prove too
much of a challenge,” said Claire, a Roller Derby enthusiast.

“I’m learning so much on a daily basis and am really starting to get to grips with what’s
involved in wiring new homes – I have no regrets about my change in career,” she added.


At 33-years-old many people would not have considered embarking upon apprenticeship training but Claire saw the bigger picture and the potential to earn significantly more than the national average wage once she qualifies as an electrician.

So what transferrable skills does the former sound and lighting technician use as an apprentice electrician? "Lots! Aside from some electrical and wiring knowledge, there's problem solving, fault finding, using tools and of course I'm used to physical work where you work to the job, not to the clock.”

Now Claire is an apprenticeship ambassador, helping to inspire thousands of people across Milton Keynes to consider a career as an electrician.

"I'm so grateful to have a job that I enjoy every day, and to have the opportunity to learn new skills. I'm lucky enough to work in a great team where I feel supported and encouraged."