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Matthew Mead

Apprentice Electrician

Former infantryman Matt Mead was uncertain of his future when a sporting accident resulted in him being medically discharged from the army.

Several of his friends had previously trained to become electricians with Clarkson Evans and Matt had seen them make the most of the long-term career opportunities at the company.

“By the time I had my accident, which resulted in me bursting my spleen, I had fallen out of love with the army. I learnt a lot while I was in the forces, but had never done anything with electrics, so it was a bit of a risk leaving after six years,” said Matt.

“I was uncertain whether my lack of electrical knowledge would put me at a disadvantage when applying for an apprenticeship at Clarkson Evans but thankfully the apprenticeship team realised I had a number of relevant skills that could easily transfer into the construction industry.


“Having been on manoeuvres in sub-zero temperatures in Canada I knew a cold building site was not going to bother me. I’m also used to always turning up on time, taking orders from my superiors and following instructions, all of which are important when you’re learning a trade,” said Matt, who lives just down the road from our Trowbridge branch.

“During my time in the army I was always learning new things and I’m looking forward to doing the same as an apprentice electrician. Being aware of health and safety risks is also second nature to me and this should stand me in good stead when using power tools and other equipment on site,” said Matt.

“When you’re in the army it can seem daunting to make the decision to leave and join “civvy street” but I’ve no regrets about the decision I’ve made,” he added.