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Sarah Dallison

Apprentice Electrician

Having been made redundant more times than she cared to remember Sarah Dallison was looking for a career that would provide her with long-term job security. Her previous role, working on the shop floor of a local engineering firm, had seen Sarah wiring up motherboards and following wiring diagrams so it seemed natural to consider a career as an electrician.

Once the decision to retrain had been made Sarah enrolled on a full-time electrical installation course and worked evenings and weekends as a waitress in a local pub to make ends meet.

As soon as she secured her apprenticeship with Clarkson Evans, working out of the company’s Trowbridge branch, Sarah’s supportive husband agreed to reduce his hours to look after their two children, so that she could concentrate on her future career goals.

“I was different to a lot of other apprentices in my college group – many of them were in their late teens and early twenties and they didn’t always seem to appreciate how lucky they were to be given this opportunity,” said Sarah.

“I’d not made the most of my education when I was younger and I was determined to put that right second time round. I really put my back into college work and probably appeared to be a bit of a teacher’s pet.


“I’m not a girly, girl and never have been so I wasn’t fazed by doing something that was not perceived to be a typical job for a woman.

“I’ve got to grips with working on site and have a good team leader who is teaching me all I need to know outside the classroom. Apart from a couple of dinosaur groundworkers who seem surprised to see a woman on site nobody else bats an eyelid.

“I’m looking forward to qualifying and moving up the career ladder as an electrician,” said Sarah. 

So what transferrable skills from her former roles does Sarah rely upon as an apprentice electrician? “Working on the shop floor in an engineering firm means I’m really practical and I don’t mind getting my hands dirty. My time as a waitress means that I can talk to anyone and I know how important customer service is in everything I do.”