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A fresh look at apprenticeship training

June 2, 2015

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In the week when research has revealed that 4 in 10 of the first students to pay higher university fees do not believe their courses have been good value for money, isn’t it time to encourage more young people to view apprenticeships in a new light?

There’s certainly no shortage of options – a quick peruse of the website revealed thousands of apprenticeship opportunities in the South West and beyond.

Talking to some of our newly qualified electricians about why they decided to go down the apprenticeship route many said they were keen to learn whilst having job security and a regular wage. They said being in control of their own success was highly motivating and they could clearly see that their apprenticeship paved the way for further career opportunities.

Many would-be apprentices have fresh ideas which can reinvigorate the outlook of a business and in return you can pick up new skills and develop existing ones as you immerse yourselves in on-the-job training.

Not everyone is told about apprenticeships at school and there are many myths out there about what they are truly like. They are certainly not an easy option – apprenticeships come with real responsibilities and apprentices are trusted to produce good work, whatever industry they work in.

You can’t get away from a classroom environment with most apprenticeships – there will be coursework and assignments to complete and, depending on the type of apprenticeship training people decide to pursue, a portfolio of evidence to compile to demonstrate your learning.

The learning experience will be hugely varied and most apprenticeships are designed to help build a structured understanding that will remain the foundation stone throughout your future career.

Most apprenticeships involve a huge level of collaborative working and team work – learning from those working alongside you is definitely a key requisite of apprenticeship training. Someone is always be on hand to explain how things are done. Asking questions is encouraged.

Parents have a huge part to play in encouraging young people to consider an apprenticeship. Recent research revealed that although 9 out of 10 parents think apprenticeships are a good option, only a third thought an apprenticeship would suit their own child.

Those mums and dads who remain sceptical about the value of apprenticeships should have attended our recent Apprenticeship Presentation Evening for our newly qualified electricians. Family members attending were bursting with pride at the achievements of their sons and daughters and fully appreciated how fortunate their offspring were in securing such a sought-after apprenticeship.

We’re currently recruiting for new electrical apprentices to join our teams throughout our branch network, helping us to wire one in ten of all new homes being built in England & Wales. Know anyone who may be interested? Get them to visit

HR & Training Director at Clarkson Evans at careers event

HR & Training Director, Lindsey Young