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Head of Property and Assets

Job Title
Head of Property and Assets




Up to £55K plus company car

We’re looking for someone who knows all there is to know about property management and who’s successfully delivered big budget commercial development; someone who has a laser-sharp strategic brain, the energy and passion to deliver even when the goal posts shift and someone who can inject plenty of pragmatic professionalism into the way we manage our assets.

We’ve got plans to grow our turnover from around £60m to £100m in the next four years, so we need a top-notch national estate, fleet, workshop and tool store to support all 700 of our site-based staff. Our Gloucester HQ is bursting at the seams, so we’re planning a multi-million pound development to house our 250 support staff, regional stores, workshop and training academy.

We’re extending our reach into the north, and we’ve got plans to increase our network of 20 branches to include new sites in Warrington and Sheffield this year.

Reporting to our Chief Financial Officer, you’ll have superb project management and leadership skills, the sort of mind that always sees a better way of doing things – in fact the thinking and listening skills to understand all points of view and to work up a number of options - and the ability to draw the best performance out of your 20-strong team. In return, you’ll enjoy the freedom to apply your expertise and see for yourself the considerable difference you’re able to make.

Maybe you’ve heard of us, maybe you haven’t. What you may not know is that we’re one of the biggest electrical contractors in the UK. Last year alone, we wired more than 21,000 new homes. With a booming order book and an enviable apprentice training academy, we’re the contractors of choice for all the largest and most respected house builders in the UK and in our 38 years in business, we’ve picked up more than a few awards.

Find Out More here

Closing date: 14th June

Please read these instructions carefully before starting your application.

Uploading your CV / mobile devices

We recommend that you submit your application using a desktop device/PC rather than a mobile device to avoid any problems with uploading your CV. The following file types can be accepted: doc, docx, docm, txt, rtf, odt, wps, pdf. If submitting your CV using an Apple mobile device you will need to upload a photo/screenshot of your CV.

Saving part-completed applications

If required, you will be able to save your application part-way through completion and then log back in to finalise it. To do this:

  1. Type in your email address at the bottom of the form
  2. Click ‘Save for later’ You will then receive an email containing a link, clicking on this link will return you back to your application.
  3. Your application will not be submitted until you have completed all questions and clicked on ‘Submit’ at the bottom of the page.
First Name*
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What is your current salary or what was your leaving salary if no longer employed?*
What is your current employment status?*
Do you have a full UK current driving licence?*
Current driving licence points*
Why did you decide to apply to us in particular?*
What are your main strengths?*
Why are you looking to move on from your present job (if you're currently employed)?
What are your main weaknesses?*
Please use this space to provide any other information to support your application:
What is your current notice period?*
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Type in your email address and click ‘Save for later’ if you want to save your application part way through.

Thank you for your interest in Clarkson Evans Ltd.