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Frequently asked questions

For any questions you may have, please check out our FAQ’s for initial guidance. If your question is not covered, please call us on 0845 900 3600 or email

I'm not sure which course(s) would be suitable for me. How can I get some advice?

Our Training Sales team are happy to help with any questions you may have about our courses. 

Please phone us on 0845 900 3600 or email

If you wish to discuss any technical training queries, the Training Team will refer you to one of our experienced Lecturers for further guidance.

What qualifications will I require to become a fully qualified electrician?

The recommended route to take for training as an electrician is to complete an Advanced Apprenticeship, which takes around three to four-year’s completion. Knowing the full ‘ins and outs’ of this highly skilled trade requires considerable on-the-job experience.

For mature newcomers to the industry, our EAL Level 3 Diploma is the best place to start. We also provide the option to complete the City & Guilds 2382-18 and 2392-10 alongside this course. Once you have started your training as an electrician, you can register to become a domestic installer. Please be advised that in order to become fully qualified, on-the-job experience is required to gain the NVQ Level 3.

Please note that we are taking enquiries only for the EAL Level 3 Diploma course at present, please get in contact with the Training Sales Team if you would like to be contacted for updates. Apologies for any inconvenience this causes.

How can I find the latest information on course availability?

You can visit the individual course pages for the next available date(s).

Or alternatively, please get in touch with the Training Sales Team on 0845 900 3600, or email us at 

Where does the training take place?

We have a well-equipped training centre in Gloucester, which is easily accessible from the M5 and by public transport. Our modern state-of-the-art centre has been designed with the electrical student in mind. The centre is ideal for electrical students to learn both the theory and practical skills required to develop their career.

If you require any bespoke training here in Gloucester, or at your company’s premises, please contact the Training Sales Team for further information.

Can I visit the facilities?

Yes, you are more than welcome to arrange an appointment to visit our Gloucester Training Centre. It will also provide an opportunity for you to discuss any questions, or suitable training needs with our experienced staff member.

What are the pass rates?

We pride ourselves on achieving high pass rates and will do our best to help candidates with exam preparation. Some exams are more difficult than others so pass rates vary. We recommend that delegates carefully consider the prerequisites to assess course suitability before booking.

Statistics as Of November 2019

Course / Exam: 2377-22  |  First Time Pass Rate: 64%  |  Our Pass Rate: 75%

Course / Exam: 2377-32  |  First Time Pass Rate: 100%  |  Our Pass Rate: 100%

Course / Exam: 2382-18 Update  |  First Time Pass Rate: 90%  |  Our Pass Rate: 96%

Course / Exam: 2382-18 Full  |  First Time Pass Rate: 93%  |  Our Pass Rate: 94%

Course / Exam: 2392-10  |  First Time Pass Rate: 92%  |  Our Pass Rate: 100%

Course / Exam: 2391-52  |  First Time Pass Rate: 72%  |  Our Pass Rate: 89%

How do I book a course?

You can book and pay for a course through our website, please find our courses here.

Alternatively, if you would like to speak with us and book directly, our experienced team are on hand to help you with any queries you may have.

Please email or phone us on 0845 900 3600. Your booking will be processed by a member of our team and you can be invoiced with payment terms, or you can pay over the phone.

What happens after I've made a booking?

Online Booking

If the booking of a course has been made online, your confirmation, receipt of payment and joining instructions will be emailed to you (posting joining instructions is also available). The joining instructions will include a map to the Gloucester Training Centre, a parking permit, timings and general information in relation to the course. Booking Terms are also provided with any bookings made.

Booking Directly

If you have requested a course booking directly with the Training Sales team, you will receive confirmation of booking and have the invoice attached with an allocated payment date. Once payment has been received, your confirmation, receipt of payment and joining instructions will be emailed to you (posting joining instructions is also available). The joining instructions will include a map to the Gloucester Training Centre, a parking permit, timings and general information in relation to the course. Booking Terms are also provided with any bookings made.

What happens about cancellation or rescheduling?

Please refer to our Booking Terms and Conditions, or alternatively please get in contact with our Training Sales team.

What are the start and finish times for courses?

Majority of the daily session’s (courses or apprentice teaching) in Gloucester start at 8.45am and they finish at 4pm.

Please be advised that depending on your course, exam/assessment or class, the timings may be different.

Please do not hesitate to contact the Training Sales Team or refer to your Joining Instructions, if you are unsure of your course time.

Can you provide accommodation?

Unfortunately, we do not provide hotel accommodation for training courses.

If you would like any advice, or information for nearby hotels before your course, please call us on 0845 900 3600, and one of our Training Sales Team will be happy to assist.

What resources am I required to bring to the course?

Delegates are required bring the textbook(s) needed for the course, and a calculator, preferably a scientific one.

You must bring a form of photographic ID with you on the day of the exam. Suitable examples include a passport, driving licence (with photo), or a JIB card.

We will provide a course handbook, pen and a note pad.

Can I buy the required textbook(s) through Clarkson Evans Training?

You can purchase your textbook(s) at any time before the course. Please get in contact with the Training Sales Team to find out which textbooks we offer in house. Please be advised that due to demand, the stock for each textbook may vary.

When will I receive my ordered textbook?

Any purchased textbook(s) will be passed to you on the day of arrival to your course. If you require your textbook(s) prior to the course, please get in touch with the Training Sales Team to arrange a collection. Alternatively, they can be posted to you. Please note that charges are incurred to cover the postal cost.

Please check the course details for the required textbook(s).

Are lunch and refreshments provided?

A buffet lunch will be provided in the Training Suite for full day courses. Tea, coffee and water will be available as required during the day.

If you require any alternative refreshments The Buzz Bar (Operated by Jane’s Pantry) offers a range of sandwiches, snacks and hot bakery products.

Lunch is not included with half-day courses.

Is there car parking available?

Free parking is available on site. Please ensure that you only park in Clarkson Evans spaces. A parking permit is issued in your joining instructions/joining pack.

When do I receive my exam results?

For all online exams, the results are normally available once the exam has been completed.

For the 2391-52, 2377-22 or the 2392-10, course candidates are given feedback at the end of their Practical Assessment. However, results are subject to independent verification and can take up to 6 weeks.

AM2/AM2S test results are normally available within one week after assessment.

How long will it take for my certificate to arrive?

Certificates are usually sent to us within three weeks of the exam date for most courses.

Where there is a practical assessment this will also need to be completed prior to a certificate being issued.

We aim to get your certificate to you within four weeks of completing the course. Please speak to the Training Sales Team if you need a certificate sooner as we may be able to organise an e-cert for you.

AM2/AM2S test candidates will receive their certificates directly from NET, usually within two weeks.